The Guardians Of Time

Your Story Your Brand

What was your first memory? A simple question that not even the most brilliant of minds within the scientific community can answer. Memories often end up as the decider between regrets vs fulfillment.

While many see this currency as literally worthless in a fast pace urban jungle, it’s actually not true. The value of life is not measure thru gains or losses but the memories you acquired.

Thats why “The Memory 1839: Limited edition” is launched as we are crazy enough to believe Encasing Memories is even more priceless than diamonds. Afterall, its your story, your brand

A Special Tribute To World’s 1st Self Portrait Memory Printed in 1839.

Photography has always been a medium of capturing important memories other than our precious brain. Mr Louis Joacques Mande Daguerre, burst onto the scene with the invention of commerical camera and coincidentally, this also lead to the World’s 1st physical self protrait of Mr Robert Cornelius produced in 1839.

This powerful possibility to mark our memories in physcial form forever change the way how life can be. 2019 is a very special year for all of us as it is exactly 180 years since this great invention of mankind where the birth of memories in physical form is now a reality.

Sometimes its so easy, its hard to appreciate till its gone.

Your Story
Your Brand

Its TIME to be YOURSELF! For this moment, you no longer require the justification from brands to define your position in society by following what is available. Take this step beyond your dreams by leveraging on our unique ENCASING memory technology to begin this priceless journey of freedom with us. Let everyone know your STORY thru your wrist.

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Life is not about Gains and Losses but defined through Memories

Time will not last for anyone but Memory shall

What is your prefect Memory among all memories?

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

The best part in Memories is making them.


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